Deer Stalking Fair

Who are we….

What we do….

'The Deerstalking Fair is an all indoor dedicated event encompassing all aspects of deerstalking and deer management, from the equipment used right through to the venison ending up on a plate.

It began following the organisers attending similar fieldsports events where there were too many non related products padding them out. We wanted to put on a show that attracted an appropriate crowd for the exhibitors and traders and one where those visiting could also be confident they would see relevant products as well as encouraging a particularly socialable gathering of likeminded visitors.

So, with that in mind we have exhibitors displaying 4X4 vehicles, ATV's, rifles (over 250 on display at the 2019 Fair), optics, thermal imaging equipment, clothing, footwear, lardering and butchery equipment as well as the seasoning and mixes for processing and preparing venison at home, ammunition, high seats and boxes, the list goes on and is extensive. BASC this year also erected their huge inflatable shooting simulator in the hall which proved very popular. This is a £30,000 piece of high tech equipment that records and analyses your shooting style which saw literally dozens of visitors participating and discovering that they weren't quite as good as they initially thought they were! All good fun though.

Every year we have hosted several speakers who provide short demos and seminars on several relevant topics, ranging from Prof James Simpson on disease in deer to Ed Bewsher on the use and benefits of lead free ammunition. Skinning, butchery and cooking demos, the effects of poaching on deer, tracking deer with dogs are all covered and with audiences of over 100 at some of the demos the educational aspect of the event is in high demand and something that will continue to evolve and grow each year.

So, if you are in any way connected to deerstalking or deer management this is the one event you should attend. Even if it is your partner that is the one in the household who is involved pop along anyway, there is a lot going on and there are a lot of items for sale that have multiple uses and don't just fit the role of the stalker.'